What a trademark is

A Trademark means a major patrimony of an enterprise; by its trademark an enterprise presents its products and services.


Name registration of a product or an enterprise itself, its visual identity, logo, corporative image is the aim of ESTÚDIO GUARULHOS MARCAS E PATENTES, which has more than 30 years experienced to this issue.


It takes more or less 24 months to set the registration of a trademark. Steps are followed by magazine named Revista de Propriedade Industrial (RPI).
The way of communication of INPI (Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial) to the Trademarks and Patents representative is made by referred magazine.


Administration issues related to registration requirements of a trademark on INPI take 60 days.


The services we can do are the following:


-Requirement to industry trademark and commerce and services registration;
-Requirement to propaganda signs registration;
-Requirement to respite;
-Resources, appeals to resources, extinction and checking;
-Extinction and annulment requirement;
-Notes on cession, conveying, alterations;
-Countersigned and non-certified blueprints;
-Patent annuity registration;
-Administrative checking requirement.


Types of trademark are:


NOMINATIVE: Made from words;

MIXED: Made from words plus pictures;

FIGURATIVE: Made from pictures.