What a Patent is

Survey and developments to elaborate new products require a lot of investments. To protect these products by means of patent or registration mean that opponents are not allowed to copy and sell these products for lower prices, because it is quite clear that they didn’t spend their money searching  or product developments.


The due protection given by the patent and industrial design registration is important and essential to the invention and industrial creation to become a profit-making investment.


Patent and Industrial Design Registration are temporary titles of an invention, utility model or industrial design, bestowed by the government to their inventors or authors, legal entity or just corporeal person who are the owners of legal rights over its product.


The owner is therefore obliged to divulge all technical contents of the material protected by patent or registration.


We’ll present now the types of patents, their requirements and concession terms:




Product or actions that perform requirements for use, innovation and industrial inventive. Its time of validity is to 20 years starting from its presentation date.